Bonsai Masteruniversal ecological fertilizer made of insect droppings

+ Increases the overall vitality of plants, intensity of colours, strengthens the ripening of annual shoots; more flower buds emerging.

+ Easy and quick intake of nutrients. Overfertilizing eliminated

+ Pellets get perfectly decomposed and does not burden the substrate

+ Possible to mix into the substrate when repotting

+ Boosts the root system development and secures the presence of biological life

+ Increases the overall resistance of plants to stress, pests and bacteries

+ PH neutral. No odour, which is great for indoor bonsai growers


  • Work the pellets into the substrate, 5 – 10 pelllets per 1 litr
  • Stick the pellets into the substrate
  • Dissolve in water, 2 – 3 pellets per liter and use for watering
  • Spread the pellets onto the substrate or use the fertilizer baskets. As soon as the pellets decompose, apply another batch


This organic fertilizer based on purified insects droppings is a stabilized product, thermomechanically processed into the shape of pellets/granules. 98% to 100% of the fertilizer is made from separated worm droppings, the rest being parts of chitin exoskeletons of dead animals. No other organic or inorganic additives are contained in fertilizer.

The effects of the fertilizer result from the structure of the insect’s digestive system which, in contrast to mammals or birds, processes much less organic material and has a more efficient method of digestion and nutrients intake.

After all, it‘s the insect’s digestive system, which is the last stage in the circulation of nutrients, before these get back into the soil, to the beginning of the new cycle. That is why the fertilizer gets perfectly decomposed when used and does not burden the substrate.

Thanks to the well-balanced content of the main biogenic elements (N, P, K) and the presence of secondary biogenic elements (Ca, S, Mg) and trace elements (Fe, Zn, Mn, Cu, B), the fertilizer positively affects plants.

This product can be used for organic farming in accordance with the European Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 and the European Commission Regulation (EC) No. 889/2009 on organic production and labelling of organic products.

Chemical and physical characteristics:

Attribute: Value:

Humidity v % max. 20,0

Combustibles in a dried sample % min. 75,0

Nitrogen as N in % 3,6

Phosphorus as P2O5 in % 3,6

Pottassium as K2O in % 3,1

pH value 4,5 – 7,0

C:N ratio max. 30

The content of risk elements fulfill the lawful limits in mg/kg1 in dry basis: kadmium 2; lead 100; mercury 1.0; arsenic 20; chrome 100; molybdenum 20; nickel 50; copper 150; zinc 600.

Expiration: Use within 2 years from date of manufacture. Product licence No: 4149